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What I Offer

Chess Pieces


1 On 1

I can provide personalized attention and tailored instruction to help you improve your chess skills. During these sessions, we can focus on your specific strengths and weaknesses, work on improving your opening repertoire, developing your tactical and strategic thinking, and analyzing your games to identify areas for improvement. With my guidance, you can expect to see steady progress in your chess abilities over time.


Group Lessons

In group sessions, you can benefit from learning alongside other chess players who are at similar skill levels. These sessions are a great way to gain exposure to different playing styles and strategies, and to learn from the experiences of others. We can work on group exercises and practice games, as well as engage in friendly competition to help motivate and challenge you. Additionally, group sessions can be more cost-effective than 1-1 sessions, making them a great option for those on a budget.


In Person Events

If you are interested in in-person events, I am happy to provide hands-on instruction, demonstrations, and facilitate games and tournaments. I am also willing to travel to various locations, and as I am based in France, anywhere close is easily accessible. These events are a great way to meet and connect with other chess enthusiasts in your area and learn from experienced players in a fun and social setting. During these events, I can provide group instruction and analysis, as well as one-on-one coaching for those who are interested.

In-person events provide a unique opportunity to develop a deeper appreciation for the game and its history, as well as for the skills and strategies that make great chess players. With the chance to play with other players, you can hone your skills and gain insights into your playing style. You can learn new techniques and strategies, as well as receive feedback and advice from experienced players

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Our Clients Say

"Alexandra really helped me with my chess and is always there for me when I have a question. She's great with the kids"


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